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2016 Dr. Vernon Neppe and Dr. Edward Close: The Whiting Memorial Award for 2016.

Special Press Release: 

Dr Vernon Neppe and Dr Edward Close recognized with the prestigious ISPE international prize: the Whiting Memorial Award for 2016

Dr. Edward Close and Dr. Vernon Neppe were awarded the coveted 2016 Whiting Memorial Award for “expanding the boundaries of scientific understanding”. The Whiting Memorial Fund is a philanthropic fund administered by the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (‘ISPE’) (http://www.thethousand.com/)to “reward individuals and groups, whose accomplishments and goals exemplify the ideals of ISPE”. The award was announced in August 2016, and this Press Release of September 2016 is the official press release.

This international prize is open to anyone worldwide in any discipline. It is given to a person/ persons or organization (outside or within ISPE) who typifies the ISPE ideal of someone who strives to benefit society in general through advanced enquiry, original research and/or creative contributions, and who has demonstrated significant progress in these endeavors.” This sought after prize may be conferred yearly, but historically has seldom been awarded, because it is only conferred when the committee unanimously chooses a worthy nominee. ISPE’s only mission is “to attract the world’s most intellectually gifted individuals and hopefully direct their achievements for the betterment of all humankind.” ISPE advances no political, governmental, religious, race, gender, ethnic, activist or academic agenda. “This is what ISPE is all about: Making our world better by encouraging profound excellence”, emphasized Stephen Levin, the ISPE President. “This award should have happened a long time ago to Drs Neppe and Close. It’s well-deserved and too long coming.”

What is unique is that the ISPE organization played a major role in this first joint award of the Whiting Prize: Vernon Neppe MD, PhD, Fellow Royal Society (SAf), and Edward Close PhD, PE, actually met through their ISPE membership. Moreover, these two scientists deliberately specifically joined ISPE in the hope of finding another ‘Thousander’ to collaborate with in developing a unified theoretical model for reality: They had both already developed their own models but “we regarded that as insufficient. We needed to combine any expertise and knowledge we had to progress with this task, which we regarded as, and still regard as, the ‘song we’re singing in this world’. This work has gone beyond us and we realize that development of an entirely new model of reality is of groundbreaking importance,” Dr Neppe commented.

The two scientists have subsequently worked together for eight years and probably spent 4000 hours each on their TDVP paradigm shifting work. Drs Close and Neppe have needed to apply the empirical and theoretical findings of quantum physics, mathematical logic, philosophy, biology, psychology, and consciousness research. But often it has been their creative jumps into the unknown that have been most important. Hundreds of scientists worldwide have examined aspects of the Neppe-Close work, which many have compared with an advanced multidisciplinary graduate degree which requires significant study and application. Therefore, there are only a few experts worldwide.
The Whiting Prize has not been awarded to an ISPE member since 2008. The ISPE is a worldwide 1 in 1000 intelligence organization, currently with about 500 members, that emphasizes progression through different levels of accomplishment. Drs Close and Neppe have both attained the highest public level of ‘Diplomate of the ISPE’ (where there are about 2 dozen worldwide). 

See this press release at www.vernonneppe.org and the official announcement at http://thethousand.com/2016_dr_vernon_neppe_and_dr.php

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